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Huntington Ingalls Industries: The Legend Continues

A Message From Mike Petters

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A legend was reborn 10 years ago when Huntington Ingalls Industries spun from Northrop Grumman on March 31, 2011, combining Ingalls Shipbuilding and Newport News Shipbuilding to become America’s largest shipbuilding company.

Today, HII is Fortune 400 company with a backlog of more than $40 billion dollars. We continue to build ships for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, and we’ve transformed to become a primary player in the Department of Energy arena and unmanned maritime markets.

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we are recognizing our employees’ accomplishments and dedication. Nationwide and internationally, our 42,000 employees do hard stuff right every day.

HII Timeline: 2011-2021

HII’s first 10 years are marked by company and program milestones, major contract awards and employee accomplishments. Scroll through the interactive timeline for videos, news articles and more from 2011-2021.

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Celebrating Our Workforce

Shaping Lives, Shaping Freedom

Anniversaries are a time to look back on your past and forward to the future. As we approach our 10-year anniversary, we’ve asked employees to look back on their careers and share how their work has shaped freedom, and in turn how their careers have shaped their lives.

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Employees Support Department of Energy

In the last 10 years HII has expanded its work in nuclear and environmental services. Our employees support the national security mission of the Department of Energy through the management and operation of sites, as well as the safe cleanup of legacy waste across the country.

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How have you seen HII transform over the last 10 years?

Our more than 42,000 employees have overcome challenges, solved problems and accomplished so much in the last decade to make HII a success. Hear from employees as they discuss their proudest moments and look to the future.

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What does “Hard Stuff Done Right” mean to you?

Our employees work around the globe in different environments and tackle different projects, but no matter where and what they are working on, they’re doing hard stuff right. Hear from employees throughout HII as they discuss what hard stuff done right means to them.

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Employees’ Proudest Moments

Our employees shape freedom every day. Hear from employees as they look back on their proudest moments at HII.

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HII Workforce By the Numbers

Investing in our Future