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COVID-19 Vaccine Testimonials

Sophronia Wilson

Sophronia Wilson, a nurse at the Ingalls hospital, said she chose to get the vaccine to prevent her from catching COVID a second time.

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Damita Caldwell

Damita Caldwell Testimonial

Robert Wroten

Robert Wroten, director, General Manufacturing, said getting the COVID vaccine was a no-brainer because the science backed up its safety. He now says he hopes he’s an example for others because he’s had both doses with no adverse side effects.

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Guillermo Tristan

Guillermo Tristan

Michelle Hedrick

Michelle Hedrick testimonial

Walter Williams

Once Walter Williams heard Newport News Shipbuilding would be providing COVID-19 vaccines, he encouraged his fellow shipbuilders to get it.

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Dave White

Dave White and CVN 79 Crew

Dave White of Newport News Shipbuilding says, “I am very proud of my team’s decision to get vaccinated. This is the first time we have all been together in nearly a year and I can’t think of a better purpose.” Pictured, from left: Dave White, Kent Price, Tom Sweeney, Jr., Garrett Blanchette, Cliff Edwards and Ed Spruill.

Willie Hurdle

Willie Hurdle, a driver and dispatcher at Newport News Shipbuilding, says it’s important to get a vaccine to allow us all to get back to where we were before the virus.

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Brian Veale

Brian Veale
“I received the first dose two weeks ago with no side effects and am scheduled for the second dose on February 5th. I am an EMT and qualified through my own channels here in San Diego. … I highly recommend and urge any and all of our folks to get the vaccine so we can be 100% mission capable at all times and for the health of our friends and families at home.”

— Brian Veale, Technical Solutions