Newport News Shipbuilding Gallup Foreman Hiring Assessment

With the hiring goal to find the best fit between a person’s talents and the Newport News Shipbuilding organization’s needs, we have partnered with Gallup to develop and implement talent-based hiring assessments for Foreman candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment Background

Why was Gallup chosen to assess our candidates?

For more than 30 years, Gallup has studied the relationship between natural talent and job performance. Gallup utilized this experience to develop a sound scientific research methodology for the development of assessments that are predictive of job success.

How does Gallup define ‘talent’?

Gallup defines talent as naturally reoccurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that can be productively applied.

How was the assessment built?

The assessment was built by studying the most successful Foremen across the NNS organization. It was designed to select candidates who have inherent talents similar to the most successful Foremen studied. Gallup chose questions that were tested to be the best predictors of success based on relevant business outcomes.

What does the Foreman assessment evaluate?

It evaluates talents, assessing those talents inherent to the successful Foremen who were studied in the development of the assessment. Specifically, the Foreman assessment measures the presence of a candidate’s talents across five dimensions of talent: Motivation, Initiation, Workstyle, Collaboration, and Thought Process.

Who is Required

Who takes the Foreman assessment?

Candidates applying for a Foreman position and who meet the basic qualifications of the posted position.

Will an existing Foreman be required to take the assessment?

No, individuals already in a Foreman role do not need to take the assessment.

Will candidates with prior Foreman or production/construction management experience be required to take the assessment?

Yes, all candidates who are not currently in a Foreman role must take the assessment.

What if a candidate does not want to complete the assessment?

If a candidate chooses not to take the assessment, their candidacy for the position will end at that time.

What happens if I already applied and my application is under review?

Candidates whose application is under review on or prior to October 31, 2020 will not be required to take the assessment. Starting November 1, 2020, all candidates with new applications will be required to take the assessment.

Taking the Assessment

How do candidates take the assessment?

The assessment is administered via the web. If a candidate meets the basic qualifications for the position, they will be provided a URL when invited by the recruiter to complete the assessment.

How do candidates prepare to take the assessment?

No preparation is required. We suggest candidates plan for 20 to 30 minutes of uninterrupted time and take the assessment in a place where they will not be distracted. Candidates should be themselves, and answer with top-of-mind thoughts and responses.

What if the candidate has difficulty accessing the site?

Candidates experiencing technical difficulty can contact the Gallup Client Support Team at 877-425-5872 or via e-mail at

How does a candidate get an ADA accommodation?

If a candidate requires an ADA accommodation, they should contact Gallup client support directly at 877.425.5871 or e-mail at They will need to provide their access code and documentation from a licensed professional describing their need for an accommodation and it must be received by Gallup within 48 hours of completion of the assessment.

Is there a time limit for candidates to complete the assessment?

Yes, each question is timed in order to ensure top-of–mind response. Although there is plenty of time to respond, applicants will be moved to next question if they do not respond in the allocated time. Top-of-mind responses are one critical component of getting the most accurate picture of an individual’s innate talents. Instructions are provided to the candidate along with the time limit to respond to the question at the beginning of each question section.

What happens if a candidate’s Internet connection is lost when they are taking the assessment?

If the Internet connection fails, data is stored and applicants can log back in with their same access information. They will resume at the question they stopped at.

Upon completing the assessment, is there a pass/fail score which removes the candidate from the hiring process? 

This assessment will not be evaluated by a pass or fail score, but will be an additional resource for the hiring department to determine the successful candidate.

Can candidates retake the assessment?

Candidates are eligible to retake the assessment after 365 days. Candidates will only take the assessment one time within 365 days, regardless of the number of Foreman positions applied for.

Why are applicants asked their race, gender, and age?

The law requires that assessments be fair and unbiased with respect to the test taker’s membership in a protected class. Accordingly, results must be studied by race, gender, and age to ensure fairness. This information plays no role in the hiring decision, and (as stated on the instructions/explanations for that section) is the applicant’s option whether to answer these questions or to decline. This information is for Gallup’s research purposes only.

For internal employees only: Is there a charge to complete the application and/or assessment during business hours?

No.  Applications and assessment should be completed on the employee’s own time.

Will I have access to my results?

Your assessment results are part of your confidential pre-employment information and for the same reason we do not provide interview feedback or share interview notes, we do not share full assessment results either.