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Energy Management

Remus at HII's Unmanned Systems facility in MassachusettsHII has taken the position concerning energy management and conservation that energy management shall be practiced in all areas of the Company’s operations. HII continuously monitors energy usage and implements energy conservation practices, evaluates existing facilities and equipment, and incorporates energy saving technology into new equipment.

Our facilities have an energy program team to help review and develop HII strategic energy demands and direction. In addition to the initiatives described below that target energy conservation, our programs have developed an employee communications strategy to inform and encourage employee’s participation and involvement in energy conservation.

Some of our energy conservation efforts include the following:

  • Temporary Lights –Installing compact fluorescent lights or LED lights in temporary light strings on board ships. More than 800 of these more efficient light strings have been installed
  • Enhanced Facilities Lighting – Upgraded lighting in both office and production spaces. As new and replacement lights are needed, the T8-25 watt lamps have been installed in office areas and the T5 lamps are being used in manufacturing areas. LED flat panel lighting is replacing fluorescent lighting at the Ingalls Shipbuilding division.
  • Leak Repair Program –Repairing of underground piping systems, eliminating leaks in the water, steam, and condensate return systems. Results include the improvement of condensate return from ±35% to ±60%. Air conditioning systems are monitored for refrigerant leaks and repaired or replaced if required.
  • Energy Maintenance Program – Maintenance activities at Newport News Shipbuilding have included replacement of the South Yard steam and condensate system, maintenance of steam traps, and upgrades of air compressors.
  • Building Maintenance – Setting automatic controls for temperatures and operating hours for buildings which optimizes resident comfort and energy efficient operation of HVAC systems. HVAC equipment is monitored in real-time at Ingalls Shipbuilding

Planning for the future, an Industrial Energy Efficiency Opportunities and Examples study was published in 2020 outlining opportunities of improvements at HII including lightning, electrical rate usage, compressed air strategies, cost of leakages, boiler heat loss, stack efficiency and improving HVAC systems at Newport News Shipbuilding. Energy Conservation projects are expected to be completed in the coming years which will further commit HII to increased sustainability and energy efficiency.