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Ethics & Compliance

HII Values: Integrity, Safety, Respect, Engagement, Responsibility, Performance

Always doing the right thing is an essential belief at Huntington Ingalls Industries.  Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides a set of core values, standards and behaviors that guide employees’ commitment to the highest ethical standards.  It is a statement of our commitment to integrity and high ethical standards in all that we do at Huntington Ingalls Industries, defining what we expect from our officers, directors and employees as we perform our jobs. It also defines the conduct we expect of non-employees who act on the company’s behalf in any capacity.

HII operates on a set of values which are shared with all employees:  Integrity, Safety, Respect, Engagement, Responsibility, and Performance.  Our values describe our company as we want it to be and guide our actions and decisions to demonstrate the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior. We believe that putting our values into practice creates long term benefits for employees, customers, shareholders, communities and suppliers. For more information on our values, visit our website at: Company Values – Huntington Ingalls Industries.

Our Ethics Program communicates the company’s commitment to integrity. We educate employees about the company values, Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and company policies and procedures, as well as applicable laws, regulations, and customer requirements. Business Conduct Officers (BCOs) are appointed at each of our divisions and are responsible for administering the ethics program.  A BCO’s primary role is to act as a resource to address questions and issues related to ethics and to promote an ethical culture and support leadership in creating an environment that fosters employee accountability and open communication. HII has also established the role of Business Conduct Representatives (BCRs), who act as the liaison between the Business Conduct Office and the organization. BCRs meet regularly with BCOs to raise concerns and offer approaches for business conduct awareness, communication and training.

HII also offers an anonymous and confidential means to voice concerns or report a suspected violation of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct without fear of retaliation or coercion. The OpenLine is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is administered by an external supplier.  The OpenLine is a communication channel that any employee, customer, supplier, or other HII stakeholder can use to seek guidance on an ethics issue or to report suspected misconduct.

In concert with our Ethics Program, HII’s Compliance program is designed to prevent, detect, and remediate misconduct by reducing the opportunity employees have to commit misconduct or fall prey to blind spots. Our compliance program is based on specific Core Principles derived from contractual requirements, federal law, the Company’s businesses and experiences, and best practices in the industry.  Using these Core Principles as a guide, our Chief Compliance Officer has developed a set of Core Elements based on the results of company-wide compliance reviews, industry best practices, and internal and external risk trends. Each year, a work plan is developed for every Core Element at each of our business units, which is customized to address the risks presented by that particular business unit’s operations. An assessment is completed at the end of the year.  These plans help the compliance program and the ethics program work as a partnership to focus on ethical conduct and compliance with the law. For more about our Compliance program, please see the Corporate Annual Compliance Plan.

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