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Supply Chain Management

PPE at NNSAt HII, we are committed to building strong relationships with our more than 4,000 suppliers and partners around the country whose products, services and niche capabilities help us advance our customers’ missions and meet our strategic business objectives. We have detailed controls around our procurement and purchasing process. Central among these controls is the involvement of a dedicated procurement department within each division, the Supply Chain Management Department, in the establishment and monitoring of supplier relationships.

Businesses that supply our Newport News Shipbuilding division can be found in nearly every state in America. These suppliers support the construction of nuclear-powered submarines, construction and mid-life overhaul of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, ship repairs, maintenance of NNS facilities and numerous other operations. NNS spends an average of $1 billion annually with its suppliers, nearly half of which are small businesses.

Our Ingalls Shipbuilding division purchases thousands of commodities and services each year, from the largest turbine generators to the smallest bolts. Ingalls’ suppliers provide key support for the design and construction of U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard vessels.

Supplier websites are available for each of our divisions, providing resources and information for current and prospective suppliers. For more information, visit the following: