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Enterprise Transformation

Ingalls Shipbuilder Academy

From high school classrooms to the shipbuilding industry, Ingalls Shipbuilder Academy is transforming students’ lives. Victoria Hunt, Ingalls Shipbuilder Academy manager, talks about the collaboration between Ingalls Shipbuilding and Gulf Coast high schools to provide students the skills and trade craft needed to be successful in the shipbuilding industry.

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    Virtual Benefits Fair

    COVID-19 provided an opportunity to consider new ways to provide employees with valuable information about Huntington Ingalls Industries’ benefits during Annual Enrollment. Hear benefits managers Christine Latusek of Ingalls Shipbuilding, Lisa Sheppard, pictured, of Newport News Shipbuilding, and Teena Senicka of Technical Solutions, discuss the new HII Virtual Benefits Fair.

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    Innovative Customer Solutions

    “Our customers have been very clear across the board. They’ve been very clear that they want to find a balance between health and safety and resilience and sustainability of our workforce. The missions that they ask us to do, because national security never sleeps, that is really why the Defense Industrial Base was declared to be mission essential from the very beginning.” — Mike Petters, HII president and CEO

    Meeting mission essential contractual requirements during COVID-19 requires innovative solutions. Hank Allen, Technical Solutions’ deputy director of Maintenance University and William Rooks, Ingalls Shipbuilding’s NSC ship program manager share how their teams transformed operations, meeting contractual requirements and creating opportunities for future efficiencies.

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    Transforming HII: Organizational Conflict of Interest Modernization

    When one of HII’s business units decides it will bid on a competitive solicitation, one of the first things they do is ensure that the proposed statement of work is routed throughout the company. Wendy Mynoymany, manager, government contract compliance at HII’s corporate office, talks about how this newly automated process helps HII’s business units understand what is happening throughout the company while also eliminating unintentional organizational conflicts of interest.

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    Supporting the Supplier Base

    “Beyond supporting our employees and supporting our neighborhoods and our regions and states, we’re also going to be supporting the thousands of suppliers that we have and the people that they have who are supporting their neighborhoods and their regions and their states and our nation as we go through this.” Mike Petters, HII president and CEO

    Newport News Shipbuilding’s Bryan Caccavale, vice president, material, manufacturing and facilities, Ingalls Shipbuilding’s Scott Weldon, vice president of supply chain, Glenn Lynd, director of material acquisition, Kelley Tucker, manager of strategic sourcing and Gwen Wilkerson (pictured), director of procurement support, discuss how the established collaboration channels between their supply chain organizations allowed the teams to more effectively respond to COVID-19 and support the shipbuilding supplier base

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    Communications Response to COVID-19

    “The other part of the communications story, though, is that we want to make sure, from the very beginning, that with all of the noise that’s out there, that you would be able to count on us to be able to tell you the truth and be able to tell you what’s happening, when it’s happening, how it’s happening. We want to be your trusted source of information.” — Mike Petters, HII President and CEO

    Providing trusted, timely and effective communications to all HII stakeholders, especially employees and their families, is a primary function of Communications. In this third of a seven-part series, Steve Campbell, HII’s corporate director of enterprise communications, Jaime Orlando, Technical Solutions’ senior director of communications, Bryan Moore, director of communications for Newport News Shipbuilding, and Sheila Kowalewski, digital media specialist for Ingalls Shipbuilding, share some of the tools and technologies deployed in response to COVID-19 that are transforming the way we communicate.

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    IT Response to COVID-19

    “We changed our posture from let’s have everybody be working on site, to let’s have as many people working off-site as possible, and today we have about 25% of our workforce working remotely in support of our customers and in support of the missions that our customers are asking us to support.”
    Mike Petters, HII President and CEO

    Leveraging a culture conducive to transformation and collaboration, IT teams across the enterprise enabled a tenfold increase in the number of employees working remotely, while maintaining appropriate compliance and cybersecurity postures. In this second of a seven-part series, Bharat Amin, HII’s executive vice president and CIO, Brian Fields, vice president of business transformation and technology and CIO for Newport News Shipbuilding division and Noel Prevost, information systems manager for Ingalls Shipbuilding division discuss IT’s immediate response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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    EH&S Response to COVID-19

    “Whether the pandemic was a catalyst or not, I think some of the changes in the way that we’re thinking about the problem we have, have basically energized the organization to take advantage of tools that we had been working on.”
    Mike Petters, HII President and CEO

    In this first of a seven-part series, Dru Branche, director of environmental, health, safety and security for Newport News Shipbuilding division and Dr. Charles McRaney, chief medical officer for Ingalls Shipbuilding division discuss how collaboration, new technologies and an openness to transform how we do business enabled environmental, health, safety and security to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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    Cloud Center of Excellence

    Digital technology is transforming the way me meet customer expectations – with greater efficiency and more affordability. The Cloud Center of Excellence, a capability HII’s Technical Solutions division is developing, provides employees best-in-breed cybersecurity and software development tools along with quick and as-needed access to servers, databases and other IT services.

    Dana McKnight, chief technology officer for Technical Solutions’ Fleet Support Group, discusses how the Cloud Center of Excellence will help employees collaborate with their customers and HII partners to develop world-class solutions while also meeting or exceeding cybersecurity compliance.

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    Ingalls Shipbuilding is transforming its culture to promote a safe work environment for shipbuilders through its Situational Perception and Condition Evaluation Simulator (SPACES).

    Chris Buzbee, a safety engineer at HII’s Ingalls Shipbuilding division, says  “SPACES is transformational because it’s putting safety in the hands of the workers and I think that’s very important. It’s giving them ownership.”

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    Transforming HII: KPx Digital Technology

    Digital technology is transforming the way we build ships. Gordon Mount, an engineering manager at HII’s Newport News Shipbuilding division, discusses KP Cable, a digital tool designed to drive efficiency into the cable installation process, and KP Equipment, a digital roadmap of electrical equipment being utilized on John F. Kennedy (CVN 79).

    “If it’s the first time they’re going to the ship and into a certain area and they don’t know where the boxes are, they can pull up an equipment map in less than eight seconds for their box, and they can see right where all of those components are. Before, that would take a lot of research … this is the wave of the future.”

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    Branding and Digital Media

    Digital media tools such as opt-in texting and mobile apps are transforming the way information is shared with employees and other stakeholders.

    Kimberly Nastasi, communications director at HII’s Ingalls Shipbuilding division, says utilizing digital media tools is “about ensuring that the messages we have that define who we are, our mission and our purpose are reaching the stakeholders that it needs to.”

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    Transforming HII, Every Single Day

    “Transformation is about doing more today than you did yesterday,” HII President and CEO Mike Petters says. “Getting stronger, faster, more effective, more efficient. And with the right innovations and people, that’s what we’re doing at HII every single day.”

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