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Our Commitments

As a company, Huntington Ingalls Industries is committed to:

  • OUR EMPLOYEES. We are committed to a work environment that encourages employees to raise concerns, speak up and report suspected misconduct without fear of retaliation. Our employees demonstrate their integrity, dedication and commitment to quality in their daily work and are committed to improving performance and creating success.
  • OUR CUSTOMERS. We are committed to supporting our ever growing customer base. It’s a job we take very seriously, and we are intently focused on meeting or exceeding our customer commitments.
  • OUR STOCKHOLDERS. We are committed to sustaining long-term value growth in our company through improved performance and intense focus on delivering excellent results.
  • OUR COMMUNITIES. We are committed to being a visible and positive corporate citizen in every community where we do business.
  • OUR SUPPLIERS. We are committed and engaged with our suppliers. They are an integral part of our team and essential to our ability to achieve our business objectives.

As HII employees, we are committed to:

  • SAFETY. Working safely every day, in everything we do, while also looking out for our fellow employees.
  • QUALITY. Ensuring first-time quality of our products and processes, while focusing on continuous improvement.
  • COST. Delivering our products for the contract amount.
  • SCHEDULE. Delivering all of our products on time during each phase of the project.